lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

From Truman to Obama: Power, Militarism and the US anti-missile Strategy

Editorial Letra Viva announces the publication of the essay From Truman to Obama: Power, Militarism and the US anti-missile Strategy, by Dr. Leyde E. Rodríguez Hernández, Professor at the higher Institute of international relations (ISRI) "Raúl Roa García", of Havana. This is the 9th title published by Letra Viva and the fourth from Cuban authors this year. There are five books in the editing process. "From Truman to Obama" is be available this weekend as e-book on and printed books will be ext week in the 11 international systems from Amazon.

About the book: This title, focused on the hegemonic power and exacerbated militarism that represent projects and realities of the so-called anti-missile 'defense' designed by different administrations in the United States after the Second World War, is a thorough investigation into this problem of maximum relevance and interest for studies of international relations from global security-focused.   

The author asked the origins of the American military project and the evolution of military science and technology during the four decades of the so-called ‘Cold War and in the context, not only of American foreign policy and their doctrines of national security, but also in the broader landscape of contemporary international politics and the great confrontation with the then Soviet adversary.   

The research is framed within the historical sciences and policies, extending the period of the cold war and to the administration of Barack Obama, appreciating the impact of geo-strategic deployment of the anti-missile ‘defense’, for international security and the relations of the United States with Europe, Russia and China, in a stage convulsive and turbulent of the international system in transition or development in the XXI century.

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